Author: Nancy White

Consumer Pseudo-Showrooming and Omni-Channel Placement Strategies

Management Information Systems Quarterly Vol. 41, Iss. 2 (2017)

Zheyin (Jane) Gu, Giri Kumar Tayi

Recent advances in information technologies (IT) have powered the merger of online and offline retail channels into one single platform. Modern consumers frequently switch between online and offline channels when they navigate through various stages of the decision journey, motivating multichannel sellers to develop omni-channel strategies that optimize their overall profit. This study examines consumers' cross-channel search behavior of "pseudo-showrooming," or the consumer behavior of inspecting one product at a seller's physical store before buying a related but different product at the same seller’s online store, and investigates how such consumer behavior allows a multichannel seller to achieve better coordination between its online and offline arms through optimal product placement strategies. Full article.

Towards Sovereign Equity

Stanford Journal of Law, Business, and Finance, Vol. 21, No. 2 (2016)

Stephen Park, Tim R. Samples

Sovereigns are unique market participants in the global financial system, and sovereign debt markets largely operate in a legal and regulatory void. This Article adds an important and timely perspective by examining the concept of equity in sovereign debt finance. Governments, unlike corporations, rely almost exclusively on debt to externally finance their investments and operations. GDP-linked securities, which provide interest payments indexed to the sovereign issuer’s rate of growth, are sovereign debt instruments with certain equity-like characteristics. This Article considers whether innovation towards sovereign equity can help mitigate problems associated with sovereign debt crises. To address this question, we analyze the use of GDP-linked securities in recent sovereign debt restructurings by Argentina, Greece, and Ukraine. Drawing on this analysis, we explore more broadly the legal implications of sovereign equity, and conclude that these applications offer opportunities to help manage sovereign finance in the absence of readily enforceable international financial regulation. Full article.

Contracting for Innovation and Innovating Contracts

Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation (2016)

Thomas D. Barton, Gerlinde Berger-Walliser, Helena Haapio

This special issue of the Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation (JSCAN) is devoted to “contracting for innovation and innovating contracts.” From the inception of planning for the issue, the co-editors hoped to attract contributions from a full range of professionals engaged in contract theory and practice: research academics, contract managers, corporate executives, and legal counsel, plus what JSCAN Editor-in-Chief Tyrone Pitsis told us are called “pracademics:” those who straddle research and commercial environments, making concrete contributions through collaborative projects, experiments, interviews, software development, or theory-building. JSCAN is a natural publication outlet for such partnerships, since so many of the 40,000 worldwide members of the International Association of Contract and Commercial Management (JSCAN’s parent organization) are thought-leaders in every aspect of commercial contracting. Full article.

Internship Success Story: Jacqueline Ho

Jacqueline Ho is a senior Communication and Marketing major. She spent her summer as a Public Relations Intern at Eric Mower and Associates (EMA) in New York City. EMA is a full-service advertising and marketing agency and the New York City office specializes in public relations for the travel industry. Jacqueline called the NYC office in early May, inquiring if they were still hiring, and sent over her resume. Fortunately, they were still looking for one more intern to join the team over the summer! She completed an interview and a writing assignment before being offered the position. Continue Reading

Internship Success Story: Taylor Vanfleet

Taylor Vanfleet, a senior Finance major with a minor in Professional Sales Leadership, interned for Virtus Investment Partners over the summer with the internal sales desk. She obtained her sales internship by connecting with a company recruiter at the Sales Competition event in Fall 2015. The Sales Competition event is a class event open to students in MKTG 3452, Professional Selling, and MKTG 3454, Sales Management and Leadership. Continue Reading

Internship Success Story: Claire Messina

Claire Messina, a junior Marketing major, worked for Liberty Mutual Insurance as a Sales Intern last summer. As a member of Pi Sigma Epsilon, Claire had the opportunity to network with representatives from Liberty Mutual at a golf outing event hosted by the fraternity. She connected with one of the representatives at the event and through him, was introduced to a campus recruiter. Continue Reading

Internship Success Story: Cameron Miller

Cameron Miller, a senior Marketing Major with a DMA concentration and a Communication minor, was the Primary Marketing Research intern for Travelers’ Enterprise Market Research team this summer. He learned of the opportunity through an email sent from the Marketing Department and reached out to the Human Resources contact provided. The contact got him started with the interview process and Cameron was eventually offered the position. Continue Reading

Internship Success Story: Melissa Birnbaum

Melissa Birnbaum, a junior Marketing major, was an Audience Marketing Intern at Penske Media Corporation this past summer. PMC is a digital media, publishing and information services company that owns publications like Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) and Variety magazine. Melissa had the chance to apply through a referral who introduced her to the company. Continue Reading