Kelly Kennedy

Professional Business Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi Welcomes First Faculty/Staff Member

The Psi Rho Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi recently welcomed Kelly Kennedy, program manager at the UConn School of Business Career Center, into the fraternity as its first faculty/staff member. Alpha Kappa Psi was founded in 1904 at New York University on the principles of promoting institutions of business education, developing future leaders and fostering appreciation for higher ideals in business. Kennedy’s invitation to the Psi Rho Chapter at UConn was the result of her continued mentorship and resourcefulness to the group, and her dedication and support to School of Business students. Over 35 students gathered to welcome Kennedy into this unique, prestigious association of students, professors, graduates and professionals with a common interest in business.

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UConn Business Career Center Presents at Annual NCDA Conference

In June, the National Association of Career Development (NCDA) hosted their annual Global Career Development Conference in Atlanta, with the theme of “Building on the Dream.” The annual event is designed for Career Services Professionals to share experiences with their peers from Higher Education, and includes training programs in areas such as technology, career assessments, ethics, and career information.

Kelly W. Kennedy, Program Manager at the University of Connecticut School of Business Career Center (SBCC) led the training session: “Making Connections with Purpose, Passion, and Possibility.” Kelly shared the SBCC’s successful best practices using a marketing plan to accelerate the careers of young professionals. She discussed the innovative and interactive career development program at the business school, which teaches students to remain competitive in the workplace through networking skill building programs and events, and guides them to take a strategic and long-term approach when thinking about their careers.

The session was well received by Kennedy’s peers in career development, with comments such as “Thanks so much for your presentation at NCDA! I really enjoyed learning about your marketing plan for students and took a lot away from the experience.” “Your presentation at NCDA drew an enthusiastic crowd and I appreciate the time you spent with me afterward.”

The UConn School of Business Career Center provides a wide range of career development and recruiting services to both employers and students, and encourages students to start their job search as early as freshman year for undergrads, or first semester for graduate students. Career development professionals at the SBCC can be reached at (860) 486-5136.

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