Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Helps Vets Become Business Owners

More than 200 U.S. military veterans have learned about entrepreneurship and small-business management thanks to UConn's Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV) program.

To date, UConn EBV graduates have launched 170 businesses, producing more than $150 million in gross revenue and creating 430 jobs. Offered at no cost to participants, the UConn EBV program includes online coursework, an intense 10-day on-campus learning experience, and a year of ongoing support and mentorship to veterans as they create and sustain their businesses.

Twenty years past the 9/11 attacks, the program expects to begin seeing older veterans transitioning out of long military careers, many with significant life-long health issues, said Michael Zacchea, a U.S. Marine veteran and director of the program.

"They are veterans of multiple combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Africa and other places," he said. "Our mission will be to help transition them into civilian careers that can sustain them and their families going forward."

Article by: Claire Hall
Video Producer: Nathan Oldham