Hartford Parking Symposium

Reinvigorating Cities, Redeveloping Parking Craters

On October 20, 2017, The University of Connecticut Geography Department and Real Estate Center hosted a Parking Symposium – Reinvigorating Cities, Redeveloping Parking Craters.

UConn Professors Carol Atkinson Polombo, Sustainable Studies Research Group, and Norman Garrick, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering, served as moderators as speakers and panelists presented. Peter Norton, associate professor, Center for Transportation Studies, University of Virginia historian of engineering & society gave the keynote address on “The History & Future of Parking Craters.”

Wes Marshall, associate professor, University of Colorado Denver, presented on parking in small New England cities. Christopher McCahill, Ph.D., associate researcher, University of Wisconsin spoke on more parking = more driving. Panel discussions included “The Evolution of Connecticut Cities” as well as “Successful Parking Reduction Strategies in Connecticut.” Panelists included: Neil Olinksi, Adam Polinski, Kristin Floberg, Tony Cherolis, Ed Perzanowski, Anne Hayes, Angie Schmitt, Jonas Maciunas and Sarah Bronin.