Distinguished Retirees Event – Spring 2017

School of Business Dean John Elliott and Stanley Biggs, emeritus professor of accounting (Cynthia Adams)
School of Business Dean John Elliott and Stanley Biggs, emeritus professor of accounting (Cynthia Adams)

The beautifully manicured home of Professor Emeritus Harry, and wife Lynn Johnson, was the setting for our Spring 2017 Distinguished Retirees Event in Storrs, Conn. The scent of peonies in the garden and fine cuisine produced by University Catering greeted the guests on a warm May 17th. The 22 attendees were greeted by Dean John Elliott under whose leadership the retirees’ get-togethers have developed.

The group included three remarkable guests: two new alumni just beginning their graduate work, Margo Bailey ’17 and Will Collins ’17; and alumna Joanne Todd ’94, ’07 MBA.

Professor Larry Gramling, associate dean for undergraduate programs, had aptly recruited Bailey and Collins as speakers for the program. Bailey is working for The Lego Corporation and it has been her dream to develop skills for the foundation or giving-arm of corporations. Toward this goal she has just received a Fulbright Scholarship and is heading to Madrid to complete a master’s degree. It appears Lego wishes to hire her to work in their foundation once her studies are complete. She has a real view of corporate giving.

Will has conducted research on the ethical dilemma of corporate avoidance of income tax. The audience drew a deep breath at hearing this as it is such a current a topic. Suggesting the corporate responsibility to pay taxes is a bold contribution to today’s literature and one which kept the attention of this audience.

With ethics and giving as topics it was appropriate that Todd, president and CEO of Northeast Family Federal Credit Union, was there to speak about her humanitarian work for American Friends of Kenya. AFK accepts donations of many varieties of books including the gently used. Their greatest need is children’s books; educational books to include how-to and recent text and other non-fiction. Fiction can also be included. These are all in support of the libraries they establish and the education they provide.

AFK also ships medical devices such as crutches, walkers, commodes and braces; your used item can be reused and fill a tremendous need. In donating books and equipment it is also important to consider the organization’s expense of shipping these items to Africa. Even with the most prudent oversight, costs amount to about $1 of shipping per pound. So if you donate 25 pounds of books please consider covering this with a $25 donation. However, it is important to note that any donation is encouraged. AFK will find a way to get it delivered.

Plans are underway for a fall event. The group has expressed interest in examining entrepreneurial ventures which dovetail with the school and research. If you are a retired School of Business faculty member wishing to be contacted by this group, please forward your name and email address to the Dean’s Office in care of Tina Pierce at tina.pierce@uconn.edu.