Study Abroad Germany: Week One

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany
The Hohenzollern Castle, close-up.

It has been a pretty exciting and crazy first week. I have already done some pretty fun things. I got to start my trip with a long layover in Dublin, Ireland. Note for future explorers, nothing in Dublin is open before 9:30AM. Highlights include seeing the Guinness Factory (fun fact: they have a 9000 yr long lease with the Irish government), see the St. Patrick Cathedral, and stop in Temple Bar.

Now that I am in Germany the class schedule has been pretty full. The language intensive class is challenging, but necessary in a country that speaks another language. My personal goal is to leave the country tricking at least one native German that I live there (they usually respond back in English because most are really good at speaking English). For the international business class though, we actually get to travel and see the Porsche and BMW factory. As well as go to the EU Parliament in France. That is a pretty awesome way to learn about international business concepts (no offense to the wonderful professors back in the States.) For pictures, I included my trip to the Hohenzollern Castle and its amazing view of the surrounding Tubingen.

A view of Tubingen, Germany from Hohenzollern Castle.
A view of Tubingen, Germany from Hohenzollern Castle.

Until next week,
Marion “Ben” Nobles


Marion “Ben” Nobles ’17
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