Schools of Law and Business hold Joint Retreat to Promote Scholarship and Programming

kOn September 26, law school and business school faculty held a joint retreat at the UConn Law School in Hartford, Connecticut. Participants attended a variety of academic sessions on mutually interested topics, including dig data, financial markets and corporate governance, human rights and ethics, and sustainability. The lunch speaker was Kip Hall, Esq., a senior attorney at DLA Piper, who presented on the importance of understanding compliance for both law students and business students.

Approximately sixty faculty from both schools attended. Feedback was strongly positive and faculty reported that they gained useful contacts throughout the day. Marketing and business law faculty played prominent roles at the retreat, fostering common ground in the areas of big data, corporate governance, and international business. The goal of the retreat is to develop new programs that enrich the options for students while leveraging the considerable expertise of the two schools in joint initiatives.

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