Professional Selling Role-Play and Networking Event

lEvery semester, our exciting Professional Selling Role-Play and Networking Event facilitates conversation between our students and sales professionals. This fall, over 35 students in the Professional Selling course acted out sales calls with professional representatives from 9 PSL partner companies. During the initial round of sales calls, our students met with company representatives and engaged in 20 minute rounds of calls.  Students with the highest scores proceeded to the final round of the competition. During the final round, they engaged in a sales call in front of a panel of representatives. We are pleased to announce this year’s winners are Hannah Kirsch and Amar Singh.

UConn’s Marketing Department offers students the experience and training to excel in professional sales. The Program for Sales Leadership (PSL), provides interactive classes, sales competitions, student-run organizations, and accredited professional sales internships to give students experiential learning and insights on career development. PSL also emphasizes the critical thinking, communication, and data-driven analytical approaches that today’s leading businesses value.

This year, the PSL Role Play and Networking Event brought together our partner companies with over 80 passionate professional sales students to discuss sales careers and opportunities. If your company is interested in building an enduring relationship with PSL, please contact the PSL Program at

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