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2015 Business & Veteran Career Expo

Business & Veteran Career Expo 2015
Business & Veteran Career Expo 2015

Just three weeks into the fall semester, more than 300 School of Business and Veteran students swapped their summer attire for business professional suits and kicked their job search into full gear at the Fall 2015 School of Business & Veteran Career Expo on September 18, 2015.

When planning the Expo, we realized that students would not expect to focus on their job search so early in the semester, but employers’ recruitment cycles start earlier every year. In order to provide them with the best advantage, we challenged students to renew their search for full time and internship positions early in the game. We were thrilled to see that the students took up the challenge and owned the day!Continue Reading

Finals, Interviews, and Housing Dilemmas: How I Survived

Finals week has always been the most challenging time during every semester for me especially this one. It was definitely challenging for everyone else, but most people I know only needed to prepare for finals and pack up to go home. However it was about dealing with the multi-tasks for me. After knowing that I am not able to live in the same dorm at Alumni which is where I have lived for both my freshman and sophomore year, I decided to live off-campus during junior year. Finding off-campus housing as well as roommates might sound interesting, but that is true only when you have enough time. Continue Reading

Attending the 2015 Spring Career Fair from a Different Aspect

After working for the Daily Campus in the Photo Department, I have started to discover more things that are happening around the campus. About a week before, I found that the 2015 Spring career Fair was going to be on Thursday, April 2, 2015 at the Student Union Ballroom, so I was required to do the grabs on Thursday during a weekly meeting with the Daily Campus staff to make sure that we could cover this event.  (“Grabs” is whatever events we are photographing for the Daily Campus that are not in the budget.  So we don’t have to cover it, but if I am interested in covering it, I can do it as a “grabs.”)Continue Reading

I Cannot Think of Anything More Intimidating Than…

I cannot think of anything more intimidating then driving into an office with the NFL Shield displayed on the welcome sign for the first day of a new internship. Stepping into the facility felt like a dream and the entire orientation day flew by. On my second day I was just as intimidated. I learned quickly, however, that I could use the knowledge I acquired from my time at the UConn School of Business earning a Management degree to my advantage throughout every step of this experience. As a Project Management intern for NFL Films, I use the knowledge I gained through academic experience every day here. I have now been here for about a month, and I am constantly learning how to do new things.The personnel in the Project Management department are seen as the point people for every project that NFL Films takes on. Continue Reading

My Top 10 Favorite Things About Being a UConn Business Student

As my college career is quickly coming to an end, with graduation in just two months, I am growing increasingly nostalgic for the days when I was just beginning my classes, and just beginning to learn what the business world is really about. Being a part of the UConn School of Business has been very important to my success in college. It has taught me so much, and provided me with so many opportunities and advantages that I am so happy I utilized. Of all of the things that have made being a business student so great, here are my top 10:Continue Reading