Melanie Higham

My Top 10 Favorite Things About Being a UConn Business Student

As my college career is quickly coming to an end, with graduation in just two months, I am growing increasingly nostalgic for the days when I was just beginning my classes, and just beginning to learn what the business world is really about. Being a part of the UConn School of Business has been very important to my success in college. It has taught me so much, and provided me with so many opportunities and advantages that I am so happy I utilized. Of all of the things that have made being a business student so great, here are my top 10:Continue Reading

Try Something That Scares You

Every morning, on my way to breakfast in South, I would pass a sign that says “try something that scares you.” I want to go through my days this way. With this idea constantly in my mind, I have decided I need to try new things, hopefully often, to make the most out of my remaining time in college.

When we begin our freshman year, practically everyone is told to make the best of college, and that our time here will go by a lot quicker than we think it will. Even though everyone was telling me that, coming into my freshman year of UConn, I didn’t think that was possible; it was 4 whole years!

But as I am now heading into my final semester as a UConn undergrad Continue Reading