Getting to Know London

Buckingham Palace Gates
Me, in front of Buckingham Palace!

My first day in London was extremely exhausting, however, the 5-hour time difference was easy to get over. The second day we jumped into class mode and I was happy to see that my syllabus was a mix of learning about the culture and exploring London. Our first class trip was to Shakespeare’s Globe, a reconstruction of Shakespeare’s theatre that burned down in 1613, and as a theatre nerd I could not have been in more awe of the place.

Another fun trip that we had was to the Parliament where we learned how the monarchy and government works in London. We were able to enter rooms where people of high power make decisions and act as if we were those people trying to pass bills. During my free time, I have been able to see a lot just by taking the “tube,” which resembles a subway in New York. I went to the Buckingham Palace which is where this picture was taken and visited the ethnic markets. A fun fact that I learned in London is that Hispanics/Latinxs do not use those terms to identify themselves. Instead, those that are of South American or Central American descent are considered white. As someone who identifies as Latina, I thought it was a big cultural difference considering the history of Latinxs in the United States.



Emily Vergara ’19
Senior, UConn School of Business
Emily Vergara is an upcoming senior majoring in finance and minoring in Spanish. She is currently enrolled in the SSS Summer Study Abroad Program in London until early June. Emily is taking a UConn course on London’s history and culture while there. She is excited to enter this new city with an open mind and experience the lifestyle of London. A unique thing about Emily is that she was borin in Lima, Peru and came to the United States when she was seven months old. View Posts