My English Summer Adventure: Week 2

It has been two weeks since we left to embark on this English summer adventure. With each passing day, my colleagues and I feel more at home in our new environment. We no longer take our time meandering in the tube station trying to navigate our way through London; rather, we stride with confidence to our desired destination with ease.

Throughout our courses, Brexit has been a primary issue of debate. This very topic is threatening to tear the United Kingdom apart, with the distribution of “remain” and “leave” supporters nearly equal. The people have made their voices heard, taking a huge risk by voting to leave the European Union. From the insight of guest lecturers and the content presented in our international courses, I can’t help but compare the current political state of the UK to that which we faced within the 2016 US election. My classmates and I are amid a country facing much uncertainty regarding their current political, economic and social conditions; circumstances which Americans also find themselves in.

Recognizing that certain human struggles are universal has allowed me to feel more comforted in my new surroundings. I am able to sympathize with my international neighbors in their state of uncertainty, allowing me to remember once again that we aren’t so different after all.


Nicolette Melia ’18
Student, UConn School of Business
Nicolette Melia is a senior studying Digital Marketing and Communications. Her dream job would be to work in Marketing/Public Relations for an international beauty or fashion company. A fun fact about Nicolette is that her favorite food is Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream! View Posts