Study Abroad Germany: Week Five

Well, I have had my first big setback here. My phone was stolen. Nothing dramatic, but it is gone. I was hoping it would turn up at the lost and found office, but no luck. Moving on.

Week 5 may have been one of the less eventful weeks due to class wrapping up. I still got to do some cool things. For starters, our business class took a trip to the BOSCH factory and got to watch some S Classes go from scrap to a car. Germans buy cars differently than Americans. In Germany people go to dealers and select all the various elements and options from a list. Then the factory makes it! Then after about 4 months they come and pick it up from the factory. Very intimate really.

Besides that, we got to take a class trip to Lake Constance, specifically Meersburg and Konstanz. Lake Constance is (as most places we have been) very beautiful. Highlights include a fun swim in the lake–in which we actually swam from the German border to the Swiss border–and a ferry ride across the lake.

Ferry on Lake Constance
Ferry on Lake Constance


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