A New Welcome

(Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)
(Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

Renovated South Lobby Enhances Aesthetics, Functionality

Returning students, faculty, staff and visitors have probably noticed a new and more welcoming entrance way when they enter the School of Business’ south lobby.  

The atrium was renovated over the summer, with a focus on creating a more welcoming gathering space. The lobby’s former stone pyramid, which displayed donor names, has been removed and has been replaced with new flooring and a more-open interior design.

Cyndi Soucy, director of administration for the School of Business, said now the space can be used for school tours or display tables and it allows more breathing room during the busy time between classes.

“The old pyramid obstructed the space,” Soucy said. “Removing it opened up the space and allows better use of the area.”

Soucy also said that the new lobby is more aesthetically pleasing. One more update will follow.

“There will be a digital monitor that is expected to contain information about the School’s Hall of Fame inductees, a building directory and building floorplan,” Soucy said. “Often students and new visitors walk into the atrium and are not sure where to go. Hopefully, a digital building directory will point them in the right direction.”

Kyasha Goode, a university specialist within the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, which is located right off the atrium, likes the new layout.

“When we hold our events or employers come to visit, they have good outlets to use and can make their own space,” Goode said. “The lobby is a good location for us. We don’t have to reserve a room anymore.”

Associate Dean Lawrence Gramling said removing the pyramid was one of the greatest improvements to the school since its construction.

“The pyramid seemed to be a barrier. Everything was squeezed,” Gramling said. “Now, the lobby enhances how attractive the building is when people first walk in.”