Internship Success Story: Cameron Miller

Cameron Miller, a senior Marketing Major with a DMA concentration and a Communication minor, was the Primary Marketing Research intern for Travelers’ Enterprise Market Research team this summer. He learned of the opportunity through an email sent from the Marketing Department and reached out to the Human Resources contact provided. The contact got him started with the interview process and Cameron was eventually offered the position.

Cameron Miller (UConn School of Business)
Cameron Miller (UConn School of Business)

As a Primary Marketing Research intern, Cameron was responsible for researching emerging market methodologies and creating a report for the team on their functions, costs, and which ones he thought would be worth bringing in-house. He was also responsible for various parts of the survey process on projects regarding questionnaire design, survey programming, data analysis and report generation. Lastly, Cameron assisted with day-to-day activities such as competitive intelligence, discussion board moderation, and researching value-added services in the insurance industry. He is currently taking the Marketing Research, MKTG 3260, course and is finding the material extremely relevant to his internship experience.

The best part of Cameron’s internship was designing and programming surveys as it involved creative problem solving and logical thinking. He would create questionnaire drafts from scratch until it exceed the client’s expectations and then used Qualtrics to program and test the survey. Cameron said his least favorite part with his internship initially was the data analysis. However, he soon realized analyzing the results could uncover a story about consumers. After that point, Cameron started to enjoy his task more!

In high school, Cameron always knew that he would be studying marketing. However, since marketing is such a vast field, he wasn’t sure exactly what discipline in marketing he was interested in. After his experience at Travelers, Cameron realized he genuinely enjoys market research. However, he is still open to all the different opportunities marketing offers. Internships are really a great way to learn more about yourself and what you want to do. If you are unsure about where to work, consider an opportunity at Travelers! Cameron fully enjoyed his experience and highly recommends working with them.

Cameron’s advice: “The one thing that makes the biggest difference in the internship search process is preparing and practicing for interviews. The first few interviews you participate in are nerve-wracking, but it absolutely gets easier as you gain confidence with practice. Before any interview, I recommend researching the company thoroughly to ensure you know about their history, what they do, and a couple of things that you’d like about working for them; these are some very common questions that interviewers ask. Also, research common interview questions and have some ideas for how to answer them. As for when starting an internship, keep in mind that your supervisors and coworkers have lots of experience and want to help you learn. Be open to listening and taking constructive criticism as it’s the best way to grow as a professional.”