A Whirlwind Autumn

Freshman Megan Go pictured with older brother Timothy, who has inspired her intended career path. (Megan Go)
Freshman Megan Go pictured with older brother Timothy, who has inspired her intended career path. (Megan Go)

Freshman Megan Go Gains U.S. Citizenship, Settles into College, Casts Ballot for President—All in Same Semester

This autumn has been a season of important first-time events for freshman Megan Go.

Not only did she conquer the adjustment to college life, but the prospective business major and Business Connections Learning Community member also prepared to become a U.S. citizen. 

Megan, a native of the Philippines, immigrated to the United States in 2011, settling in Farmington, Conn. with her parents and older brother Timothy. When choosing a university, she wanted a college with top-notch programs that was close to home. The University of Connecticut fit that bill perfectly.

In most circumstances when a parent becomes a U.S. citizen, their minor child also earns citizenship at the same time. Unfortunately, Megan turned 18 just five days before her father gained citizenship, so she had to go through the full citizenship application process. To prepare for her citizenship, Megan studied for the civics test, and underwent an interview and a background check.

Megan became a U.S. citizen on Sept. 23. Committed to her future, right after the ceremony she rushed back to UConn to attend the undergraduate Career Expo.

Employers attending the Career Expo said because of her unique story, they would remember her when she returns as a sophomore.

When asked about differences between Philippines and United States culture, Megan said that Filipino families are more tightly knit. Those ties are one of the reasons Megan chose UConn. She did not want to distance herself from her brother, a 21-year-old with autism.

“For the first couple weeks after I left home, my brother was confused as to where I went and when I would be back,” Megan said. “I stayed in Connecticut because our family bond is very strong.”

The bond with her brother also inspired her career path. Although she is in the undecided major, Megan would like to create jobs for individuals with special needs, like her brother. Megan gave an example of a café that employs people with special needs.

Her time at UConn has been busy, but exciting.

“I got lost a lot in the first week. It was a little overwhelming,” Megan said. “I was very busy in high school, so I wanted to keep that up.”

As a new citizen, she quickly registered to vote. Megan was glad to earn the citizenship in time for the upcoming election.

“I think sometimes people who already live here don’t take advantage of what they have. There are great resources in this country and in this University,” she said. “I would not have gotten this experience in the Philippines.”