Internship Success Story: Shayla Belanger

Shayla Belanger, a junior Marketing major, worked at Julia Balfour, LLC as their Digital Content Management Intern over the summer. Julia Balfour, LLC is a full-service creative agency based in East Haddam, Conn. specializing in all aspects of digital marketing from web design to web advertising. Shayla met recruiters at the Spring 2016 Career Fair.

Shayla Belanger (UConn School of Business)
Shayla Belanger (UConn School of Business)

Shayla worked with the Content Management Team to design and implement web content for one of the company’s largest clients. She also had the opportunity to work with other teams in the office, allowing her to gain skills in social media marketing, research and the design and execution of product photo shoots. Now after her internship she is able to take her knowledge of Content Management Systems, coding and social media marketing to help her succeed in her digital marketing course.

The opportunity to meet and network with employees in the company was Shayla’s favorite part of her internship. She said each employee “genuinely cared about helping her and was willing to teach and guide her throughout various projects.” Shayla highly recommends interning at Julia Balfour, LLC if you are interested in digital marketing, website development, graphic design, or photography and said “the internship allows individuals access to all parts of the creative process and allows interns to discover and pursue their individual interests.”

Shayla’s advice:
“My best advice is that while you may be asked to perform tasks that are new to you, just try and remember that there is something to be learned from every opportunity. Approaching each new task or challenge with an eagerness to learn will help foster a positive work environment for everyone involved.”