Advice from the Intern Queen Herself

I went to see Lauren Berger, the Intern Queen last semester and I must say, I was not only impressed but terrified. She talked about how she completed 15 internships in her undergraduate career and how hard she worked to get there. To top it off, her internships were around the country. She interned in Florida, New York and Los Angeles all within her first three years of college. Berger reminisced on one her favorite internship stories where she was sent to Barbados her sophomore year in college to cover a story about Charlie Sheen for US Weekly-all expenses paid. Her story baffled me. I thought to myself, how much luck could one person have? As soon as I thought that, she said, “none of these internships were luck.” When trying to find an internship in New York, she was rejected 117 times before a company hired her. I’ve never seen anyone have that much determination. Berger repeated the acronym FIO standing for Figure-It-Out throughout her presentation. She said she received these internships because she “FIOed-Figured It Out!” She also follows up with her contacts three times a year still to this day to keep a solid connection. Berger completely inspired me.

I emailed Berger right after her presentation and asked if she could assist me with finding an internship. Her response was, “Tell me what your dream job is, and I will help get you there.” I realized with a little assistance and having great contacts, you are able to go in the direction you want. I’m excited to finally start my career path and see where Berger can take me.

You can check out the intern queen at her website:

Kaitlyn Richard ’16
Senior, UConn College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Kaitlyn Richard is a senior Communications major with minors in Marketing and Spanish. Kaitlyn works as the Communications Specialist in the School of Business Marketing Department. She is a part of Alpha Phi Omega and Net Impact on the UConn campus. Kaitlyn has twin dogs named Ollie and Riley. View Posts