New Marketing and Digital Analytics Graduate Course

The Marketing Department has launched a new course entitled Marketing and Digital Analytics (MKTG 5251). Offered for the first time during the Fall 2014 semester, MKTG 5251 introduces students to the application of advanced analytics that support data-driven management. Students work with Microsoft Excel and JMP Pro 11 software to address marketing decisions related to various topics including demand estimation, market segmentation, price optimization, customer choice, and customer lifetime value. The digital component of the course examines analytical techniques to evaluate and strengthen website performance and the effectiveness of an organization’s social media platforms.

“Big data and analytics are taking center stage within many organizations,” commented Dr. Gregory M. Sottile, developer of the course and its instructor. “While MKTG 5251 is a hands-on course, its primary objective is develop students’ ability to critically recognize opportunities to apply marketing and digital analytics for better decision-making.” Marketing and Digital Analytics will be offered again during the Fall 2015 semester.

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