UConn ups business on the syllabus

“In a lightning-fast economy, universities must constantly adapt to the shifting job market by adding and subtracting courses, instructors and professional degrees, all while maintaining budget. Over the past several years, The University of Connecticut in Stamford has been responding to the job market by expanding its business school programs and strengthening its ties with the business community…

UConn Business School Executive Director Jud Saviskas said there’s been a definitive growth in the college and the business community plays a big role in providing direct input into that growth. Three new business programs have emerged in just four years

Four years ago, the business school launched a master’s degree program in financial risk management. Last fall, it started an undergraduate financial management program.

The one-year graduate program in financial risk management, which is offered in both the Hartford and Stamford campuses, grew from 23 students total in 2010 to 86 students [in Fall 2012]. The enrollment number is expected to reach 140 this fall.”

The full article  from insurancenewsnet.com, written by Crystal Kang (May 19, 2014) may be found here.


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