OPIM Research Productivity Ranked Among the Best Worldwide

UConn’s Operations & Information Management Department was recently ranked among the best business schools internationally—and #1 in the Northeast—for information systems research productivity over the last five years.

“These rankings are a clear indicator that we have one of the top research faculty groups in the country and around the world,” said Ram Gopal, professor and department head of OPIM. “Some of the most cutting-edge research in areas such as intellectual property rights, healthcare IT, auction markets, and advanced analytics is going on right here at UConn.”

The ranking, based on the Association for Information System’s (AIS) Senior Scholars’ Basket of Journals—a collection of eight top journals in the field—place UConn in the top 15 schools worldwide. UConn ranked even better—10th worldwide—based on research published in MIS Quarterly (MISQ) and Information Systems Research (ISR) alone, two premier journals in the field.

“Professional endorsements such as this affirm that UConn faculty are well-published and highly regarded in the field,” added Sulin Ba, OPIM professor and associate dean for academic and research support at the business school. “The recognition generated makes UConn very attractive to prospective students, faculty scholars and even corporate partners.”

For additional information on the AIS rankings, please visit http://www.vvenkatesh.com/

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