CFA Institute Helps UConn Business Students Practice Ethical Decision Making

CFA Institute Ethical Decision MakingStamford, Conn. – On March 4, 2014, the Stamford CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Society hosted an Ethical Decision Making course for UConn business students on the Stamford campus. Michael Dineen, CFA and professor of finance, coordinated the event which was designed to provide participants with the framework to analyze situations from an ethics perspective.

Bob Dannhauser, head of global capital markets policy at the CFA Institute, led the presentation and discussion, presenting the CFA Institute’s Ethical Decision Making course in a case-based format. After the presentation, cases were given to all students, who were challenged with the task of choosing the ethical decision to make. This personal interaction and dialogue was an important component for the students: the discussion that ensued generated many considerations for real life situations that students may face in their financial careers.

The course attracted both graduate students in the MS in Financial Risk Management program and undergraduates studying Financial Management.

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