The Business Career Center Breaks the Mold on Career Fairs

On October 12, 2012, the School of Business Career Center hosted its inaugural Business Career Expo during which they welcomed over 480 registered business students and over 100 key corporate professionals to an invitation-only career event. The Expo, held on a Friday during the hours of 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., was marketed to employers and students alike as “Not your Classic Career Fair” and was the first event of this kind for not only the School of Business, but the University as well. Absent from the room were the long tables and employer banners which usually serve as the backdrop of career fairs and which can form a barrier to more personal conversations.

The day was structured around three components: networking, information sessions and personal career placement conversations. The main Expo room, set with bistro style tables, was filled with light and an open energy flow which resonated around both employers and students alike. In breakout rooms across the hall, 17 individual employer information sessions ran concurrent to the Expo and offered students the ability to learn more about individual companies and placement opportunities. “We designed the day in a setting that was intended to foster compelling, impactful conversations with a direct focus on student placement. Based on attendance as well as student and employer comments, the day was such a resounding success that we plan to continue the event in the coming years.” said Jim Lowe, Executive Director of the School of Business Career Center and Assistant Dean of External Relations and Outreach.

The day concluded with a private luncheon for our corporate partners hosted by the Business Career Center. Mary Holz-Clause, the University of Connecticut’s Vice President of Economic Development, and Jim Lowe spoke briefly at the luncheon to welcome and thank all of our corporate partners for their continued support of our students.

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