Justin Sieow

Ph.D. Candidate


Ph.D. Marketing, University of Connecticut, 2024 (Expected)
B.B.A. (Highest Distinction), National University of Singapore, 2019

Research Interests 
My research interests broadly revolve around examining the ways in which marketing and consumption can either contribute to or detract from individual well-being and societal welfare. Specifically, I see my work aligning with initiatives such as “Better Marketing for a Better World” and “Transformative Consumer Research.” Examples of my current work include investigating gendered marketing practices, exploring the relationship between status consumption and psychological well-bring amongst bottom-of-the-pyramid consumers, and illuminating the impact of the on-going loneliness epidemic on individual consumption decisions. Overall, my goal is to uncover insights that broaden the impact of marketing research through encompassing consumers from all walks of life and addressing the pressing challenges of contemporary society.

Manuscripts Under Review (*denotes principle investigator)

  • Sieow, Justin* and Christina Kan, “Not Just a Lack of Fit: Unwarranted Product Gendering and Consumer Inferences of Manipulative Intent(Under Review at Journal of Consumer Psychology)
      • Awarded Best Paper by the Higher Education Special Interest Group “Marketing to Evolving Consumers” Session, 2023 American Marketing Association Winter Academic Conference
  • Coulter, Robin A.*, Kelly Martin, Liezl-Marie van der Westhuizen, Justin Sieow, “Youth Engagement with a Luxury-Brand Inspired Subculture: The Paradoxical Effects of Status Consumption on Psychological Well-being” (Revise & Resubmit at Journal of Consumer Psychology)

Research Experience 

Behavioral Lab Coordinator, University of Connecticut, Spring – Fall 2020

Research Assistant, University of Connecticut

  • Dr. Danielle Brick, Fall 2022 | Dr. Christina Kan, Spring 2022
  • Dr. Nicholas Lurie, Fall 2021 | Dr. Stefan Hock, Spring 2021
  • Dr. Robin Coulter, Fall 2020 | Dr. Debanjan Mitra, Spring 2020
  • Dr. Kelly Herd, Fall 2019

Teaching Experience

Instructor-of-Record, University of Connecticut

  • Introduction to Marketing Management, Fall 2021; Fall 2022
      • Awarded Marketing Department Ph.D. Student Teaching Award, AY2022/23

Ph.D. Mentor, University of Connecticut

  • Special Topics: LiveSafe Integrated Marketing Communication Project Course (Undergraduate), Spring 2023

Teaching Assistant, University of Connecticut

  • Marketing Research (Undergraduate), Spring 2023
  • Marketing Management (MBA), Spring 2022
  • Introduction to Marketing Management (Undergraduate), Spring 2021 (Virtual)
  • Consumer Behavior (Undergraduate), Fall 2020
  • Marketing Planning and Strategy (Undergraduate), Fall 2019

Conference Presentation (*denotes presenting author)

  • Sieow, Justin* (2023), ““The Negative Influence of Gender-Neutral Initiatives on Consumer Choice,” Association for Consumer Research Conference, Seattle, WA
  • Sieow, Justin* and Christina Kan (2023), “The Business Case Against (and for) Product Gendering,” American Marketing Association Winter Academic Conference, Nashville, TN
  • Sieow, Justin* and Robin A. Coulter (2020), “Arbiters of Controversy: The New Role of Brands in Contemporary Society,” Association for Consumer Research Conference, Paris, France


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CoursesMKTG 3101
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