Best Paper Award: Marketing’s Justin Sieow and Professor Christina Kan

Marketing doctoral candidate Justin Sieow and assistant professor of Marketing Christina Kan’s paper titled “The Business Case Against (and for) Product Gendering,” was named the best paper by the Marketing for Higher Education Special Interest Group, the “Marketing to Evolving Consumers” special session at the 2023 American Marketing Association winter conference. Their paper examines the efficacy of product gendering in contemporary society and suggests that contemporary consumers generally prefer ungendered over gendered products, and perceive the act of product gendering as a marketing action that is aimed at encouraging purchase in a manipulative manner. Justin stressed that, “This research would not be where it is at without Christina’s input and keen eye to details. It has been an absolute privilege and honor working with someone as amazing and dedicated as Christina. I could continue singing her praises, but I’m sure everyone who has worked with her already know all of that.”