My Last Week in London

Oxford University (Emily Vergara/UConn School of Business)
Oxford University (Emily Vergara/UConn School of Business)

This is my last week here in London and I can genuinely say that I am going to miss the city and its lifestyle. I loved how simple it was to easily go from a peaceful residential area (which is where I lived) to a very populated shopping street (such as Oxford Street) in only a few minutes.

My last memorable trip was to Oxford University. It was really cool, as a Harry Potter fan, to be able to go to the same locations as the characters in the film and see where the inspiration for sets were. The picture I have provided for the week was taken at Oxford University on one of the campuses.

My last and final fun fact is that London is a very diverse city. Every time I walked down a street I would hear people speaking a different language or with a unique accent. The shops and markets I visited (like Brixton, Brick Lane, and Camden) also celebrated the different cultures and people that live there. I never imagined London to be a diverse city, but was pleasantly surprised since the beginning of my trip. I hope to come back to London in the near future and be able to explore other places surrounding it.



Emily Vergara ’19
Senior, UConn School of Business
Emily Vergara is an upcoming senior majoring in finance and minoring in Spanish. She is currently enrolled in the SSS Summer Study Abroad Program in London until early June. Emily is taking a UConn course on London’s history and culture while there. She is excited to enter this new city with an open mind and experience the lifestyle of London. A unique thing about Emily is that she was borin in Lima, Peru and came to the United States when she was seven months old. View Posts