The Museum of London and the National Gallery

The National Gallery (Emily Vergara/UConn School of Business)

This week, my peers and I were fortunate enough to visit the Museum of London and the National Gallery. In the museum my class had the chance to learn about the history of London through the artifacts, videos and touch screen games. The museum was very impressive due to London’s history being so long (since it does date back to 43 AD).

The National Gallery, as shown in my picture of the week, was absolutely beautiful. The paintings ranged from religious themes to agricultural themes. One of the sunflower paintings from Vincent van Gogh was also there, which is where most tourists head to in the museum. The fun fact I have for this week is that Londoners are considerate if you are in a hurry and need to get on the tube. When going down the escalator to find your station, most people stay to the right because they are willing to take the ride. However, for those in a rush, they take the left side of the elevator as an opportunity to run down them.



Emily Vergara ’19
Senior, UConn School of Business
Emily Vergara is an upcoming senior majoring in finance and minoring in Spanish. She is currently enrolled in the SSS Summer Study Abroad Program in London until early June. Emily is taking a UConn course on London’s history and culture while there. She is excited to enter this new city with an open mind and experience the lifestyle of London. A unique thing about Emily is that she was borin in Lima, Peru and came to the United States when she was seven months old. View Posts