London Week 10: A Weekend in Amsterdam

Windmills in Amsterdam (Brendan Mulcahey/UConn School of Business)
Windmills in Amsterdam (Brendan Mulcahey/UConn School of Business)

After having a rather relaxed weekend last week, this past weekend I went to Amsterdam and stopped in Bruges on the way back.

To get there, I actually took a bus which went onto a train to cross the English Channel Tunnel, which I thought was rather interesting.

While in Amsterdam, it was rather interesting to see that their historic presence of windmills continues today with a large amount of modern wind turbines. Furthermore, I can certainly see how Amsterdam is considered the Venice of the North.


Brendan Armbrust Mulcahey ’19
Student, UConn School of Business
Brendan Armbrust Mulcahey is a junior studying finance. He interned this past summer at Axcess Value, a small business valuation firm. A fun fact about Brendan is that during his freshman and part of his sophomore year, Brendan worked at his old high school as the technical director for the school’s plays.