London Week 7: A Trip to Berlin

Berlin with some of my classmates (Brendan Mulcahey/UConn School of Business)
Berlin with some of my classmates (Brendan Mulcahey/UConn School of Business)

The structure of my program had my academic classes finishing up this past week. Thus, I was quite busy finishing up classes with projects, essays and final exams. The following weekend was the start of my semester break. From Friday to Monday, I traveled to Berlin with some fellow classmates. Berlin was quite an interesting city; the western and central parts were certainly quite modern but as I traveled eastward it was interesting to see the remnants of the former communist influence. I was also able to see quite a few sections of the Berlin Wall; some had recently updated graffiti while other sections had holes large enough that I could fit through them. Another interesting fact about the city is that it was apparently build upon a swamp, thus any new construction requires a massive draining effort and long stretches of pipes in order to drain the water.


Brendan Armbrust Mulcahey ’19
Student, UConn School of Business
Brendan Armbrust Mulcahey is a junior studying finance. He interned this past summer at Axcess Value, a small business valuation firm. A fun fact about Brendan is that during his freshman and part of his sophomore year, Brendan worked at his old high school as the technical director for the school’s plays.