London Week 3: Greenwich and the National Maritime Museum

View from the Royal Observatory Greenwich (Brendan Mulcahey/UConn School of Business)

My third week in London was rather relaxed compared to the first two. I had a full 5 days of classes followed by a weekend in which I stayed in London. I was sure to get in some exploring within the city during the weekend.

On Saturday I visited the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. Each was rather cool in their own regard. The Natural History Museum was interesting due to the age of the building and the progressions of additions. Perhaps of most interest were two Martian meteorites. Scientists hypothesize that a larger asteroid hit the Martian landscape years ago, resulting in rocks rebounding into space and eventually landing on Earth’s surface. The Science Museum had rather interesting exhibits on the progressions of cars, planes, and factories, as well.

On Sunday I spent an hour traveling to Greenwich. I was surprised to learn that one of the train lines I took to Greenwich was self-driven, and has been for decades. Greenwich is home to the historic Royal Observatory and is the home of the Prime Meridian (divides the eastern from the western hemispheres). In addition, Greenwich is where GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) comes from. The Prime Meridian lines up roughly with the center of The National Maritime Museum.


Brendan Armbrust Mulcahey ’19
Student, UConn School of Business
Brendan Armbrust Mulcahey is a junior studying finance. He interned this past summer at Axcess Value, a small business valuation firm. A fun fact about Brendan is that during his freshman and part of his sophomore year, Brendan worked at his old high school as the technical director for the school’s plays.