A Message from the Associate Dean of Research

At the UConn School of Business, we pursue research that is not only interesting and enlightening, but offers a fresh perspective or discovery that can be immediately applied to the business world. The best research benefits not only the academic community, but also business leadership and policy making. 

In this issue, we share a diverse set of managerial insights, including the fascinating work of two faculty members who validated how myopic investments ultimately hurt the long-term viability of companies in the manufacturing field.

We’ve also documented how CEOs of some of the largest U.S. retail firms routinely downplay their company’s financial success in quarterly presentations to shareholders. Their spin should make investors cautionary.

And, we investigate new business trends, such as why crowdsourcing firms and platform designers may need to carefully consider their strategies, because subtle psychological bias may be tainting the outcomes of their work.

I am eager to share these discoveries with you and believe you will find all of these articles both fascinating and timely.

With warm wishes for the holiday season,

Sulin Ba
Associate Dean of Academic and Research Support