A Message from the Associate Dean of Research

Welcome to the Spring 2016 Research Newsletter of the University of Connecticut School of Business. As a top public research institution, our faculty are drawn, in part, by the opportunity to merge their love of teaching with their passion for discovery. This spring, our professors have studied a wide range of topics in the business field.

In this issue, we feature a fascinating article about how the infant mortality rate plummeted in the country of Turkey, following the implementation of a new healthcare system. UConn healthcare economics professor Resul Cesur was the first to study how this inclusive government-sponsored system impacted the health of a nation and its ramifications beyond its borders.

Corporate compliance plans are an all-important topic for businesses today and two of our experts have investigated how a well-devised compliance plan can become a strategic business advantage. The School of Business has recently added a certificate program in compliance to meet the needs of the local and multinational corporations in our state and beyond.

Also in this issue, you may read about how the role of financial information impacts IPO pricing in an attempt to determine how initial price offerings can be so skewed. Another team of researchers investigated the business connections of software developers, shedding light on how collaboration networks, in any business, can drastically help innovative performance.

I believe you will find all of these articles both insightful and timely.

We enjoy sharing our discoveries with you and wish you a productive and successful conclusion to the academic year.

Warm regards,

Sulin Ba
Associate Dean of Academic and Research Support