Top 10 Reasons to Live Off-Campus for at Least a Year During College

1. Having more freedom. Living off-campus gives you more choice of how many friends you would like to live with. Also you can mostly feel free to decide how to decorate your own room.

2. It’s a better place if you want to invite your friends over. Dorms are apparently not the best places to hang out because they are too small. However, off-campus apartments gives you more space.

3. Force you to learn how to cook. You are finally going to cook your own food after getting sick of ordering food online. Also you may eat healthier.

4. It is definitely cheaper than living in a dorm, unless you are renting a super nice apartment.

5. You can get a pet! A real one, not a fish.

6. It’s nice to have your own bathroom. Especially during winters when you may not want to walk from the bathroom back to your own room with wet hair and wearing only a bath towel.

7. You can have more space to keep your furniture. Dorms are too small to keep all those furniture you like, but apartments are never too small unless you need three fridges.

8. It’s just boring to live on-campus for four years. Dorms are all the same so are the dining halls so why not try something different.

9. Feels more like home.

10. Getting used to the life after graduation before you actually graduate. Especially if you are going to get a job in a big city where you need to rent an apartment.

Mingyuan (Avery) Chen ’17
Junior, UConn School of Business
Mingyuan (Avery) Chen is a UConn junior majoring in marketing, and also an international student from China. She came to UConn as a freshman, and started working for the Daily Campus in the Photo Department from January 2014. Avery has been dreaming of being a racing driver since age 15 and it has gradually become one of the most important goals in her life. Another fun fact is that Avery has always wanted to go to Utah. View Posts