Brand Ambassador Experience

Marketing Society Members Act as Brand Ambassadors for US POLO ASSN.

by Robert O’Gara, Chief Organization Officer, UConn Marketing Society

This academic year the UConn Marketing Society involved its members through guest speakers, meetings, and community involvement. The Marketing Society brings together students who are interested in marketing and want to learn more about the “real world” experiences from professionals in the field opening up opportunities for learning, networking, internships, and careers.

Highlights of the year were the US Polo Association coming to campus, setting up a trailer filled with US Polo Assn. merchandise, and members acting as ‘Brand Ambassadors’ for two days on Fairfield Way. This experience helped members expand on marketing and representing a certain brand to others. Marketing Society also hosted guest speakers Robyn Duval, senior marketing director at Aetna; Chad White, a bestselling author about email marketing; Mike Soltys ’81 (CLAS), vice president of communications at ESPN;  and Gokce Sezgin, Senior Director of Marketing at SENSIO Inc.; and from within the UConn community, Tysen Kendig, vice president for communications and Marcia Firsick, marketing manager of the UConn Co-Op.

When members are not acting as brand ambassadors, or learning from conversations with marketing professionals, they compete in events such as branding challenges. These challenges provide members  the opportunity to learn different brands of major companies, all while bonding with other members and winning prizes.

The Marketing Society is looking forward to the 2015-2016 academic year with an emphasis on networking with professionals and building relationships with its members. If you are interested in learning more, connecting with Marketing Society members, or becoming a guest speaker, please email

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