Message from the Associate Dean of Research

Welcome to the inaugural Research Newsletter of the University of Connecticut School of Business. We are excited to share our many far-reaching faculty research achievements with our colleagues around the world. 

In this issue, you will read about how one of our management faculty members is working with NASA to prepare psychologically healthy and resilient astronauts for space travel.

And, you can preview an article, forthcoming in the Journal of Finance, in which one of our finance professors found no evidence that recommendations by highly paid investment consultants to institutional investors subsequently outperform the market.

Meanwhile, one of our operations management faculty members recently helped Canadian government officials develop an algorithm to award $8 billion in cell phone service contracts in that nation.

At the UConn School of Business, our research is diverse, breaking new ground in our many fields of expertise and making a real impact on business practice and society. We hope you will enjoy our discoveries, and pass them along to others who share our mission for excellence.

Warm regards,

Sulin Ba, Associate Dean of Academic and Research Support

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