Xinxin Li

Associate Professor


Education/Professional Certification

Ph.D., 2005, University of Pennsylvania
B.E., 2000, Tsinghua University, China

Areas of Expertise

Online Word of Mouth; Social Media; Economics of Information Systems; Information Systems and Marketing; Pricing and Competitive Strategies; Digital Markets

Featured Journal Publications

  • Brian Lee and Xinxin Li, “The Impact of Online Word of Mouth on Channel Disintermediation for Information Goods,” Journal of Management Information Systems, Forthcoming.
  • Brian Lee, Sulin Ba, Xinxin Li, and Jan Stallaert, “Salience Bias in Crowdsourcing Contests,” Information Systems Research, Forthcoming.
  • Bin Li, Xinxin Li, and Hongju Liu, “Consumer Preferences, Cannibalization and Competition: Evidence from the Personal Computer Industry,” MIS Quarterly, Forthcoming.
  • Xinxin Li, “Revealing or Non-Revealing: The Impact of Review Disclosure Policy on Firm Profitability,” MIS Quarterly, 41(4), 2017, pp.1335-1345.
  • Yuxin Chen, Xinxin Li and Monic Sun, “Competitive Mobile Geo-Targeting,” Marketing Science, 36(5), 2017, pp.666-682.
  • Harpreet Singh, David Kryscynski, Xinxin Li and Ram Gopal, “Pipes, Pools and Filters: How Collaboration Networks Affect Innovative Performance,” Strategic Management Journal, 37(8), 2016, pp.1649-1666.
  • Xinxin Li, Bin Gu and Hongju Liu, “Price Dispersion and Loss Leader Pricing: Evidence from the Online Book Industry,” Management Science, 59(6), 2013, pp.1290-1308.
  • Yuxin Chen and Xinxin Li, “Group Buying Commitment and Sellers’ Competitive Advantages,” Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 22(1), 2013, pp. 215-241.
  • Xinxin Li and Yuxin Chen, “Corporate IT Standardization: Product Compatibility, Exclusive Purchase Commitment and Competition Effects,” Information Systems Research, 23(4), 2012, pp. 1158-1174.
  • Xinxin Li, Lorin M. Hitt and Z. John Zhang, “Consumer Reviews and Competition in Markets for Repeat Purchase Products,” Journal of Management Information Systems, 27(4), 2011, pp. 9-42.
  • Xinxin Li and Lorin M. Hitt, “Price Effects in Online Product Reviews: an Analytical Model and Empirical Analysis,” MIS Quarterly, 34(4), 2010, pp. 809-831.
  • Xinxin Li and Lorin M. Hitt, “Self Selection and Information Role of Online Product Reviews,” Information Systems Research, 19(4), 2008, pp. 456-474.
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Mailing AddressUnit 1041-041d
Office LocationBUSN 369
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