William Ross

Emeritus Faculty



Ph.D.   Duke University
B.A.      Wake Forest University

Areas of Expertise

Consumer and Buyer Decision Making
Sales Force Management and Channels of Distribution
Ethical Decision Making
Brand Management


William T. Ross, Jr. is a retired Professor of Marketing and, until his retirement, was the Voya Financial Chair in Marketing at the University of Connecticut.  He earned his Ph.D. in Business from Duke University, and has served on the faculties of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the Fox School of Business of Temple University, the Smeal College of Business at Penn State University, and the School of Business at the University of Connecticut. His research has been in a number of areas including: channels, sales force management, brand management, ethical decision making, and buyer decision-making. His publications have appeared in Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, Management Science, and Journal of Retailing among others.  He has taught at the undergraduate, MBA, EMBA, and doctoral level.

Publications since Retirement

  • Carlson, Jeffrey R., and William T. Ross, Jr., (2022),“When Polychronicity Affects Salesperson Performance: The Effects of Improvisation, Role Ambiguity, and Sales Job Complexity,” Industrial Marketing Management, 107, 323-336.
  • Carlson, Jeffrey R., Sara Hanson, Joseph Pancras, William T. Ross, Jr. and Jacqueline Rousseau-Anderson, (2021), Social Media Advertising: How Online Motivation and Congruency Influence Perceptions of Trust,” Journal of Conumer Behaviour, 21 (1), 197-213.
  • Gunasti, Kunter, Selcan Kara, William T. Ross Jr, and Rod Duclos, (2021), “How Language Affects Consumers’ Processing of Numerical Cues.” Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 20 (2), 460-473.
  • Kara, Selcan, Kunter Gunasti, and William T. Ross Jr. (2020), “My Brand Identity Lies in the Brand Name: Personified Suggestive Brand Names,” Journal of Brand Management, 27(3), 607-621.
  • Bai, Xue, James R. Marsden, William T. Ross Jr, and Gang Wang, (2020), “A Note on the Impact of Daily Deals on Local Retailers’ Online Reputation: Mediation Effects of the Consumer Experience,” Information Systems Research, 31(4), 1132-1143.
  • Gunasti, Kunter, Selcan Kara, and William T. Ross Jr. (2020), “Effects of Search, Experience and Credence Attributes versus Suggestive Brand Names on Product Evaluations,” European Journal of Marketing, 54 (12).
  • Nguyen, Hang T., William T. Ross Jr, Joseph Pancras, and Hieu V. Phan, (2020), “Market-based Drivers of Cobranding Success,” Journal of Business Research, 115 (), 122-138.
  • Carlson, Jeffrey R., William T. Ross, Robin A. Coulter, and Adam J. Marquardt (2019), “About time in marketing: an assessment of the Study of Time and Conceptual Framework.” AMS Review, 9 (3), 136-154.
  • Zheng, Hualu, Lu Huang, and William T. Ross Jr., (2019) “Reducing Obesity by Taxing Soft Drinks: Tax Salience and Firms’ Strategic Responses,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 38 (3), 297-315.
  • Kara, Selcan, Anna J. Vredeveld, and William T. Ross Jr., (2018), “We Share; We Connect: How Shared Brand Consumption Influences Relational Brand Connections,” Psychology & Marketing, 35 (5), 325-340.
William Ross (UConn School of Business)
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