Stefan Hock

Assistant Professor


Education/Professional Certification

PhD, Virginia Tech
Diplom-Kaufmann, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Germany)

Areas of Expertise

  • Preventing Personal Crises
  • Managing Firm Crises


Marketing professor Stefan Hock’s research focuses on two primary areas: 1) Preventing Personal Crises and 2) Managing Firm Crises. Within the first stream, he focuses on enhancing the well-being of consumers and society. His research develops theoretical insights and provides consumers with strategies to make “better” decisions with regards to their money and health to prevent personal crises. Within the second stream, he incorporates consumer insights to examine the impact of firm crises and how firms can mitigate the negative financial and non-financial impact of such events. His research develops theoretical insights and provides managers with consumer-based guidelines to make better decisions in response to these firm crises.

His research has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research, Management Science, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Marketing Letters, Journal of Business Research, and Journal of Product & Brand Management.

Dr. Hock has taught consumer behavior and principles of marketing in the undergraduate program, and marketing management in the Executive MBA program. Prior to completing his PhD, he worked as an accountant for Deloitte in Munich (Germany) and a strategy consultant for Aon Hewitt in Chicago.

Featured Publications

  • Mafael, Alexander, Sascha Raithel, and Stefan J. Hock (2022), “Managing customer satisfaction after a product recall: the joint role of remedy, brand equity, and severity,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 50, 174-94.
  • Raithel, Sascha, Alexander Mafael, and Stefan J. Hock (2021), “The effects of brand equity and failure severity on remedy choice after a product recall,” Journal of Product & Brand Management, 30 (8), 1247-61.
  • Raithel, Sascha and Stefan J. Hock (2021), “The crisis-response match: an empirical investigation,” Strategic Management Journal, 42 (1), 170-84.
  • Hock, Stefan J., Rajesh Bagchi, and Thomas M. Anderson (2020), “Promotional games increase consumer conversion rates and spending,” Journal of Consumer Research, 47 (1), 79-99.
  • Hock, Stefan J. and Sascha Raithel (2020), “Managing negative celebrity endorser publicity: how announcements of firm (non)responses impact stock returns, Management Science, 66 (3), 1473-95.
  • Zhu, Meng, Rajesh Bagchi, and Stefan J. Hock (2019), “The mere deadline effect: why more time might sabotage goal pursuit,” Journal of Consumer Research, 45 (5), 1068-84.
  • Hock, Stefan J. and Rajesh Bagchi (2018), “The impact of crowding on calorie consumption,” Journal of Consumer Research, 44 (5), 1123-40.
  • Raithel, Sascha, Charles R. Taylor, and Stefan J. Hock (2016), “Are Super Bowl ads a super waste of money? Examining the intermediary roles of customer-based brand equity and customer equity effects,” Journal of Business Research, 69 (9), 3788-94.
  • Weaver, Kimberlee, Stefan J. Hock, and Stephen M. Garcia (2016), “Top 10 reasons: when adding persuasive arguments reduces persuasion,” Marketing Letters, 27, 27-38.

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