Qing Cao

Associate Professor

Management &


Education/Professional Certification

Ph.D. in Strategic Management. University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business
College Park, MD, USA.

B.S. in International Business. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Management
Shanghai, China.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic entrepreneurship; CEO and top management; managerial social capital; management in transition economies

Featured Publications

  • Li, D., Wei, L-Q., Cao, Q., & Chen, D. Informal institutions, entrepreneurs’ political participation, and venture internationalization. Forthcoming, Journal of International Business Studies.
  • Cao, Q., Simsek, Z., & Jansen, J. 2015. CEO social capital and entrepreneurial orientation of the firm: Bonding and bridging effects. Journal of Management, 41: 1957-1981.
  • Qian, C., Cao, Q., & Takeuchi, R. 2013. Top management team functional diversity to
    organizational innovation in China: The moderating effects of environment. Strategic
    Management Journal, 34: 110-120.
  • Jansen, J., Simsek, Z., & Cao, Q. 2012. Ambidexterity and performance in multi-unit contexts:
    Cross-level moderating effects of structural and resource attributes. Strategic
    Management Journal, 33: 1286-1303.
  • Gedajlovic, E., Cao, Q., & Zhang, H. 2012. Corporate shareholdings and organizational
    ambidexterity in high-tech SMEs: Evidence from a transitional economy. Journal of
    Business Venturing, 27: 652-665.
  • Zhang, X., Cao, Q., & Tjosvold, D. 2011. Linking transformational leadership and team
    performance: A conflict management approach. Journal of Management Studies, 48:
  • Cao, Q., Simsek, Z., & Zhang, H. 2010. Modeling the joint impact of the CEO and the TMT on
    organizational ambidexterity. Journal of Management Studies, 47: 1272-1296.
  • Cao, Q., Gedajlovic, E., & Zhang, H. 2009. Unpacking ambidexterity: Dimensions,
    contingencies, and synergistic effects. Organization Science, 20: 781-796.
  • Smith, K. G., & Cao, Q. 2007. An entrepreneurial perspective of firm-environment relationship.
    Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 1 (3-4): 329-344.
  • Cao, Q., Maruping, L., & Takeuchi, R. 2006. Disentangling the effects of CEO turnover and
    succession on organizational capabilities: A social network perspective. Organization
    Science, 17: 563-576.
  • Gupta, A. K., & Cao, Q. 2005. A strategic embeddedness analysis of global business teams:
    Directions for future research. In D. L. Shapiro, M. A. Von Glinow, & J. L. C. Cheng
    (Eds.), Managing Multinational Teams: Global Perspectives: 233-248. Oxford:
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