John Mathieu

Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, Friar Chair of Leadership &



Education/Professional Certification

  • MS OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY, 1982, Psychology
  • Ph.D. OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY, 1985, Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Areas of Expertise

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Multi-level Theories, Designs, and Analyses


John Mathieu is a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Management at the University of Connecticut, and holds the Friar Chair in Leadership and Teams at UConn. His primary areas of interest include models of team and multi-team effectiveness, leadership, training effectiveness, and cross-level models of organizational behavior. He has conducted work with several Fortune 500 companies, the armed services (i.e., Army, Navy, and Air Force), federal and state agencies (e.g., NRC, NASA, FAA, DOT), and numerous public and private organizations. Dr. Mathieu has over 100 publications, 200 presentations at national and international conferences, and has been a PI or Co-PI on over $9.7M in grants and contracts. He is a Fellow of the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, American Psychological Association, and the Academy of Management. He serves on numerous editorial boards and has guest edited special volumes of top-level journals.

Featured Publications {Since 2015 , see for details}

Luciano, M. M., D’Innocenzo, L. Bartels, A., Maynard, M. T., & Mathieu, J. E. (in press). Shared team experience and team effectiveness: Unpacking the contingent effects of entrained rhythms and task characteristics. Academy of Management Journal.

Wolfson, M. A. & Mathieu, J. E. (in press). Sprinting to the Finish: Toward a Theory of Human Capital Resource Complementarity. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Luciano, M. M., Mathieu, J. E., Park, S. & Tannenbaum, S. I. (2018). A Fitting Approach to Construct and Measurement Alignment: The Role of Big Data in Advancing Dynamic Theories. Organizational Research Methods, 21(3), 592-632.

Mathieu, J. E., Wolfson, M. A. & Park, S. (2018). The Evolution of Work Team Research Since Hawthorne. American Psychologist, 73(4), 308-321.

Luciano, M., DeChurch, L. & Mathieu, J. E. (2018). Multiteam Systems: A Structural Framework and Meso-Theory of System Functioning. Journal of Management, 44, 3, 1065-1096.

Wolfson, M. A., Tannenbaum, S. I., Mathieu, J. E. & Maynard, M. T. (2018). A Cross-level Investigation of Informal Field-based Learning and Performance Improvements. Journal of Applied Psychology, 103, 1, 1-36.

Gardner, R. G., Harris, T. B. Li, N., Kirkman, B. & Mathieu, J. E. (2017). Understanding “It Depends” in Organization Research: A Theory-Based Taxonomy, Review, and Future Research Agenda Concerning Interactive and Quadratic Relationships. Organizational Research Methods, 20, 4, 610-638.

Mathieu, J.E., Hollenbeck, J. R., van Knippenberg, D. & Ilgen, D. R. (2017). A Century of Work Teams in the Journal of Applied Psychology. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102, 3, 452–467.

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D’Innocenzo, L., Mathieu, J. E., & Kukenberger, M. R. (2016). A meta-analysis of different forms of shared leadership–team performance relations. Journal of Management, 42(7), 1964-1991.

Mathieu, J. E. (2016). The Problem with [in] Management Theory. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 37, 1132–1141.

Rapp, T. L., Gilson, L. L., Mathieu, J. E., & Ruddy, T. (2016). Leading empowered teams: An examination of the role of external team leaders and team coaches. The Leadership Quarterly, 27(1), 109-123.

Cordery, J. L., Cripps, E., Gibson, C., Soo, C., Kirkman, B. L. & Mathieu, J. E. (2015). The operational impact of organizational communities of practice: A Bayesian approach to analyzing organizational change. Journal of Management, 41, 644-664.

Kukenberger, M. R., Mathieu, J. E. & Ruddy, T. M. (2015). Cross-level tests of empowerment and process influences on members’ informal learning and team commitment. Journal of Management, 41, 987-1016.

Mathieu, J.E., Kukenberger, M., D’Innocenzo, L. & Reilly, G. (2015) Modeling Reciprocal Team Cohesion – Performance Relationships, as Impacted by Shared Leadership and Members’ Competence. Journal of Applied Psychology, 100, 713–734.

Mathieu, J. E., Tannenbaum, S. I., Kukenberger, M., Donsbach, J. S., Alliger, G. M. (2015). Team Role Experiences and Orientations: A Measure and Tests of Construct Validity. Group & Organizational Management, 40, 6-34.

Salas, E., Tannenbaum, S.I., Kozlowski, S.W.J., Miller, C., Mathieu, J.E. & Vessey, W.B. (2015). Teams in Space Exploration: A New Frontier for the Science of Team Effectiveness. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 24(3) 200–207.

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