Jing Peng

Associate Professor

Operations and Information Management


Ph.D., The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
M.E., Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
B.S., Xi’an Jiaotong University

Areas of Expertise

Econometrics, E-Commerce, Social Media, Gig Economy, Digital Health, Artificial Intelligence

Featured Publications

(Google Scholar, ORCID, and SSRN)

  1. Hongfei Li, Jing Peng, Gang Wang, and Xue Bai. The Impact of Process- vs. Outcome-Oriented Reviews on the Sales of Healthcare Services. Information Systems Research (forthcoming).
  2. Jing Peng and Christophe Van den Bulte. Participation vs. Effectiveness in Sponsored Tweet Campaigns: A Quality-Quantity Conundrum. Management Science (forthcoming).
  3. Jing Peng and Chen Liang (2023) On the Differences Between View-Based and Purchase-Based Recommender Systems. MIS Quarterly, 47(2):875-900.
  4. Chen Liang, Jing Peng, YiliHong, and Bin Gu (2023) The Hidden Costs and Benefits of Monitoring in the Gig Economy. Information Systems Research, 34(1):297-318.
  5. Hongfei Li, Jing Peng, Xinxin Li, and Jan Stallaert (2023) When More Can Be Less: The Effect of Add-on Insurance on the Consumption of Professional Services. Information Systems Research, 34(1):363-382.
  6. Jing Peng (2023) Identification of Causal Mechanisms from Randomized Experiments: A Framework for Endogenous Mediation Analysis. Information Systems Research, 34(1):67-84.
  7. Jing Peng, Julie Zhang, and Ram Gopal (2022) The Good, the Bad, and the Social Media: Financial Implications of Social Media Reactions to Firm-Related News. Journal of Management Information Systems, 39(3): 706-732.
  8. Yili Hong, Jing Peng, Gordon Burtch, and Ni Huang (2021) Just DM Me (Politely): Direct Messaging, Politeness, and Hiring Outcomes in Online Labor Markets. Information Systems Research, 32(3): 675-1097.
  9. Shu He, Jing Peng, Jianbin Li, and Liping Xu (2020) Impact of Platform Owner’s Entry on Third-Party Stores. Information Systems Research, 31(4): 1467-1484.
  10. Jing Peng, Ashish Agarwal, Kartik Hosanagar, and Raghuram Iyengar (2018) Network Overlap and Content Sharing on Social Media Platforms. Journal of Marketing Research, 55(4), p. 571-585.

Selected Working Papers

Software Packages

I have a keen interest in developing novel econometric methods and have contributed three CRAN packages.

  • CoxPlus: A fast and highly scalable R package estimating the Cox model (proportional hazards model) when an event has more than one cause. Application: multi-channel advertising, social influence identification, etc.
  • PanelCount: A fast and scalable R package implementing random effects and sample selection models for panel count data. Application: panel count data with self-selection.
  • endogeneity: A comprehensive R package that implements various recursive two-stage models to address the endogeneity issue. Application: endogenous mediators in experiments, endogenous treatment variables in observational studies.

Awards and Honors

Best Paper Honorable Mention, ACM CHI conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2024
Best Paper Honorable Mention, UConn School of Business, 2024
Best Paper Award, UConn School of Business, 2023
Workshop on e-Business Most Promising Ongoing Research Runner-Up Award, 2022
INFORMS Information Systems Society Gordon B. Davis Young Scholar Award, 2022
Dean’s Ackerman Scholar, UConn School of Business, 2022-2024
INFORMS eBusiness Best Paper Award Runner-Up, 2021
Best Paper Award, UConn School of Business, 2021
WISE Best Paper Award, 2018
INFORMS Social Media Analytics Student Best Paper Competition Runner-Up, 2015
Mack Institute Research Fellowship, 2015
Baker Center PhD Research Grant, 2015
President Gutmann’s Leadership Award, 2014
Baker Center PhD Research Grant, 2014
Penn Lauder CIBER PhD Grant Awards, 2013


OPIM 6201 – Research Methods for Operations and Information Management (focus on Econometrics)
OPIM 5671 – Data Mining and Business Intelligence
OPIM 5512 – Data Science using Python
OPIM 5604 – Predictive Modeling

Contact Information
Mailing Address2100 Hillside Road, Unit 1041, Storrs, CT 06269
Office LocationBUSN 368
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