Jane Gu

Associate Professor of Marketing

Dean's Ackerman Scholar

Education/Professional Certification

Ph.D Marketing, 2007, New York University
MS Economics, 2001, State University of New York,Buffalo
BA Economics & BS Computer Science, 1997, Wuhan University, China

Areas of Expertise

Digital Marketing and Analytics
Online Retailing
Social Media
Behavioral Economics
Competitive Marketing Strategies


Jane Gu, Ph.D. is a graduate of NYU’s Stern School of Business and was most recently on the faculty at SUNY Albany. Dr. Gu’s research focuses on investigating how consumers gather information and make purchase decisions in digital environments and how marketers effectively devise digital strategies to cope with such consumer behaviors. Gu has published in leading marketing and other business journals, including Journal of Marketing Research, Management Science, Marketing Science, Information Systems Research, and Management Information Systems Quarterly. Gu is on the Editorial Board of Journal of Business Research and serves as a reviewer for Marketing Science, Management Science, Marketing Letters, Decision Sciences, and Production and Operations Management.

Dr. Gu has taught at the undergraduate and MBA level including courses in Marketing Strategy, Marketing Management, Marketing Research, International Marketing, and New Media Marketing. At UConn, Professor Gu teaches Digital Marketing.

Personal Website: jgu.business.uconn.edu

Featured Publications

  • Gu, Jane and Yunchuan Liu (2018),  “Why Would a Big Retailer Refuse to Collaborate on Manufacturer SPIFF Programs?” forthcoming, Quantitative Marketing and Economics.
  • Gu, Jane and Giri Tayi (2017), “Consumer Pseudo-Showrooming and Omni-Channel Product Placement Strategies,” Management Information Systems Quarterly, 41 (2), 583-606. working version
  • Gu, Jane and Giri Tayi (2015),” Consumer Mending and Online Retailer Fit-Uncertainty Mitigating Strategies,” Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 13 (3), 252-282. working version
  • Gu, Jane and Giri Tayi (2015),” Investigating Firm Strategies on Offering Consumer Customizable Product,” Information Systems Research, 26 (2), 456-468. Download Now
  • Gu, Jane and Yunchuan Liu(2013), “Retailer Store layout, Consumer Fit Uncertainty, and Channel Interaction,” Marketing Science, 32 (4), 652-668. Download Now
  • Gu, Jane and Ying Xie (2013), “Providing Fit-Revealing Information in the Competitive Market,”Management Science, 59 (5), 1196-1212. Download Now
  • Gu, Jane and Sha Yang (2010), “Quantity-Discount-Dependent Consumer Preferences and Competitive Nonlinear Pricing,” Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (6), 1100-1113. Download Now
Contact Information
Phone+1 (860) 486-0493
Mailing AddressUnit 1041
Office LocationBUSN 350
Office HoursTu 2:30-4:30pm (On leave fall 2019)
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