Girish Punj

Emeritus Faculty


Education/Professional Certification

Ph.D., Carnegie-Mellon University
M.S., Carnegie-Mellon University
M.B.A., Xavier Institute

Areas of Expertise

Digital Marketing
Consumer Decision Making in Online Environments
Marketing Analytics
Data Science
Machine Learning


Girish Punj, retired Professor of Marketing, began his employment at the University of Connecticut in 1981, where he taught MBA courses in marketing and analytics. He received his M. S. and Ph.D. in Marketing from Carnegie-Mellon University. He holds IBM Professional Certificates in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Applied Artificial Intelligence. His teaching style and methods have been featured in an IBM whitepaper on Smart Teaching and in an interview with the editorial director of Information Management. He has participated in the development of an academic curriculum for IBM intended to promote the adoption of marketing analytics courses in graduate business programs. He has received the IBM Watson Solutions faculty award. Girish has published 70+ research papers in various marketing journals and conference proceedings. Google Scholar statistics indicate that his research publications have received nearly 8500 citations with an h-index of 31 (31 publications have received at least 31 citations each).

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Featured Publications

  • Punj, Girish (2022), “The Effect of Shopping Goals and In-store Mobile Device Use on Purchase Outcomes in Brick-and-mortar Stores,” Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 64. Download Now
  • Punj, Girish (2019), “Understanding Individuals’ Intentions to Limit Online Personal Information Disclosures to Protect their Privacy: Implications for Organizations and Public Policy,” Information Technology and Management, 3(20), 139-151. Download Now
  • Punj, Girish (2015), “The Relationship Between Consumer Characteristics and Willingness to Pay for General Online Content: Implications for Content Providers Considering Subscription-based Business Models,” Marketing Letters, 26(2), 175-186. Download Now
  • Punj, Girish (2013), “Do Consumers who Conduct Online Research also Post Online Reviews? A Model of the Relationship between Online Research and Review Posting Behavior,” Marketing Letters, 24(1), 97-108. Download Now
  • Punj, Girish (2012), “Consumer Decision Making on the Web: A Theoretical Analysis and Research Guidelines,” Psychology & Marketing, 29(10), 791-803. Download Now
  • Punj, Girish (2012), “Income Effects on Relative Importance of Two Online Purchase Goals: Saving Time Versus Saving Money,” Journal of Business Research, 65(5), 634-640. Download Now
  • Punj, Girish (2011), “Effect of Consumer Beliefs on Online Purchase Behavior: The Influence of Demographic Characteristics and Consumption Values,” Journal of Interactive Marketing, 25(3), 134-144. Download Now
  • Jiang, Ying and Girish Punj (2010), “The Effects of Attribute Concreteness and Prominence on Selective Processing, Choice, and Search Experience,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 38, 471-489. Download Now
  • Punj, Girish and Robert Moore(2009), “Information Search and Consideration Set Formation in a Web-Based Store Environment,” Journal of Business Research, 62, 644-650. Download Now
  • Punj, Girish and Robert Moore(2007), “Smart versus Knowledgeable Online Recommendation Agents,”Journal of Interactive Marketing, 21(4), 46-60. Download Now
  • Punj, Girish (2006), “Structural Modeling in Marketing: Some Future Possibilities,” Marketing Science, 25(6), 622-624. Download Now
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