Elizabeth Klock

Ph.D. Student


Elizabeth is a Ph.D. Candidate in Management at the University of Connecticut with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Washington & Jefferson College in Spring 2017. Currently, she is interested in researching many aspects of teams including team composition, and specifically how different personalities work together.


2017 B.A. Psychology, Washington & Jefferson College Pittsburgh, PA

Peer Review Publications:

Mathieu, J. E., Wolfson M., Park S., Luciano, M. M. Bedwell W. L., Ramsay, P. S., Klock E. A., Tannenbuam, S. (2021) A Multitrait-Multimethod Investigation of Alternative Measures of Team Processes.  Journal of Applied Psychology. (Monograph)

Rapp, T., Maynard, T., Domingo, M., Klock, E. A., (2020). Team Emergent States: What has Emerged in the Last Two Decades? Small Group Research.

Mathieu, J. E., Luciano, M. M., D’Innocenzo, L., Klock E. A., & LePine J.A. (2019). The Development and Construct Validity of a Survey Measure of Team Processes. Organizational Research Methods.

Mathieu, J. E., Gallagher, P. T., Domingo, M. A., & Klock, E. A. (2019). Embracing Complexity: Reviewing the Past Decade of Team Effectiveness Research. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior.


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