Craig A. Calvert

Assistant Professor in-Residence

Operations and Information Management

Co-Director: Management and Engineering for Manufacturing (MEM) Program

Education/Professional Certifications

  • PhD –University of Connecticut, Inorganic Materials Chemistry
  • MS – University of Connecticut, Business Analytics and Project Management
  • BA – Alfred University, Chemistry
  • Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) – National Registry of Certified Chemists


  • Teaching Excellence Award – Early Career: (American Association of University Professors) – 2023
    • Annual university-wide teaching award, awarded by UConn’s AAUP chapter.
    • Award honors teaching excellence for faculty with 5 or less years of teaching experience.
  • Undergraduate Teaching Award: UConn School of Business – 2024
  • Innovation in Teaching Award: UConn School of Business – 2020, 2023
  • OPIM Teaching Enhancement Grant – 2019, 2021, 2022
  • Advanced Graduate Student Fellowship
  • Chemistry Zeolite Crystal Fellowship

Experience Overview

  • Teach and design courses for college (undergraduate and graduate), internal company training, and external consulting
  • Management and leadership positions in different business and academic environments
  • Developed and used analytics to successfully improve business decisions and operations
  • Generated revenues through successful sales, grants, marketing, and new business development
  • Experience includes: Engineering Project Management, Analytics, Business Consulting, Management, Marketing, Research, Sales, and Teaching/Training


  • Business Education – Student engagement
  • Supply Chain Management – General
  • Business in Africa – Supply chain of cobalt for use in lithium ion batteries
  • Sports analytics – Using Excel to create a novel fantasy baseball analysis tool
  • Analytics and Data visualization
  • Project management

Teaching Experience

University of Connecticut
  • Managerial Supply Chain Management, OPIM 3601
  • Project Management and Planning, OPIM 3603
  • Data Visualization, OPIM 3302
  • Operations Management, OPIM 3104
  • Senior Design Project, MEM 4971, MEM 4972
  • Business Information Systems, OPIM 3103
  • Project Cost and Risk Management, OPIM 5668
  • Chemistry (Intro & Advanced courses)
Professional Courses
  • Industrial food production safety
  • Chemical safety and storage
  • EPA lead paint regulation
  • OSHA general compliance sessions
  • Communication and writing skills
Engineering Senior Design Projects
  • co-Lead on over 70 successful projects
  • Total project funding over $400,000


Dr. Calvert is currently an Assistant Professor-in-Residence in the Operations and Information Management Department at the University of Connecticut. Previously, Dr. Calvert worked at Electric Boat where he worked in the program office that was designing the VIRGINA Class Submarine VIRGINIA Payload Module. His responsibilities included multiple programmatic activities including government contract management and oversight of engineering disciplines. Part of his contracting duties included managing a database and developing analytics for government contract acquisition. In previous roles at EB, he helped support construction activities by providing environmental safety inspections and reviews. Before Electric Boat, Dr. Calvert worked in areas such as marketing, sales, business development, research, teaching, and general business management. This experience has been in companies varying in size from his single-person, food-safety consulting firm, companies with 20 to 50 employees, a 270+ person engineering consulting firm, and a large multinational defense company. Finally, as an independent consultant, Dr. Calvert has provided food safety reviews and custom training for companies such as Gorton’s Seafood, New England Confectionery Company (NECCO), and Blount Fine Foods.

For Dr. Calvert, teaching is about infusing in students the skills that they need to be successful in real-world situations. The ultimate goal is for students to leave the classroom able to apply the ideas and concepts. Knowledge is power, but what is more powerful is the ability to apply knowledge and use it to develop actionable plans. To be able to create and execute actionable plans in real situations, the learning process needs to provide challenges similar to those which students are likely to face in their careers. Practicing in a low-stakes environment, such as a classroom, helps to ensure that students will have the proper knowledge to solve on-the-job challenges.

Outside of work, he lives on the coast of Connecticut with his family. He enjoys playing guitar and taking them apart along with traveling and spending time with his family.

CHO Certification

Dr. Calvert is a National Registry of Certified Chemists (NRCC) Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO). This designates him as an expert in chemical safety and the management of chemical safety programs. As a chemical safety consultant, he has assisted chemical facilities and schools with managing their chemical inventories and compliance to government regulations. This assistance has included inspections, training, regulatory compliance, and corrective action plans.


Google Scholar profile

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Research in Progress

  1. Rajabhoj, Chetana; Chattopadhyay, Chandrashila; Calvert, Craig; Wanick, David. “Using Neural Factorization to Predict Student Success in a Dual-Degree, STEM Program.” In writing.
  2. Svetlana Kalnova, Craig Calvert, Natalia Smirnova, Kaitlyn Anderson. “Integration of Career Competencies into the Undergraduate Curriculum: A Review of Data and Best Practices for Educators.” In writing.
  3. Calvert, Craig; Bhooshi, Rachan Vamsi; Flug, Alexander; Wanick, David. “Modeling the Cobalt Supply Chain Originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Method to Predict Ethical Mine Sourcing.” In progress.


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    In the News

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    7. Collaboration Advances Microbial Fuel Cell Commercialization.” UConn School of Engineering News; September 1, 2009.
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    Office LocationBUSN 375 (OPIM Suite)
    CoursesOperations Management, Project Management, Data Visualization, Management and Engineering for Manufacturing (MEM)
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