Alexandra Rheinhardt

Assistant Professor, Dean's Ackerman Scholar

Management &



  • BS Cornell University, 2014 Applied Economics & Management
  • PhD Pennsylvania State University, 2020 Management & Organization

Areas of Expertise

  • Identity
  • Careers
  • Employee Activism & Social Movements
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Multi-Methods


Alexandra Rheinhardt is as Assistant Professor of Management at the UConn School of Business where she teaches Organizational Behavior. Her primary areas of interest include identity, careers, social movements, and organizational change and resilience. Through taking a multilevel, multimethod approach to her work, she seeks to unpack the bottom-up and top-down influences on and outcomes of such processes.


Rheinhardt, A., Poskanzer, E., & Briscoe, F. (Forthcoming). The career consequences of workplace protest participation: Theory and evidence from the NFL “Take a Knee” protest movement. Organization Science.

Rheinhardt, A., Briscoe, F., & Joshi, A. (2023). Organization-as-platform activism: Theory and evidence from the National Football League “Take a Knee” movement. Administrative Science Quarterly.

Kreiner, G. E., Reina, C., Rheinhardt, A., & Mihelcic, C. (2022). Your presence is requested: Mindfulness infusion in workplace interactions and relationships. Organization Science.

Sheep, M. L., Rheinhardt, A., Hollensbe, E. C., & Kreiner, G. E. (2022). “Tearing the fabric” or “weaving the tapestry”?: A discursive resources approach to identity-implicating organizational events. Management Communication Quarterly.

Rheinhardt, A., & Gioia, D. A. (2021). Upside-down organizational change: Sensemaking, sensegiving, and the new generation. In S. Poole and A. Van de Ven (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Change.

Briscoe, F. & Rheinhardt. (2021) Social movement theory. In R. Griffin (Ed.) Oxford Bibliographies in Management. New York: Oxford University Press.

Rheinhardt, A., Kreiner, G. E., Gioia, D. A., & Corley, K. G., (2018). Conducting and publishing rigorous qualitative research. In C. Cassell, A. L. Cunliffe, & G. Grandy (Eds.), The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Business and Management Research Methods: History and Traditions. London: Sage Publications.

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Office LocationBUSN 346
CoursesMGMT 3101
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