Xinxin Li

Associate Professor


Education/Professional Certification

Ph.D., 2005, University of Pennsylvania
B.E., 2000, Tsinghua University, China

Areas of Expertise

Online Word of Mouth
Economics of Information Systems
Information Systems and Marketing
Pricing and Competitive Strategies

Featured Journal Publications

  • Bin Li, Xinxin Li, and Hongju Liu, “Consumer Preferences, Cannibalization and Competition: Evidence from the Personal Computer Industry,” MIS Quarterly, Forthcoming.
  • Xinxin Li, “Revealing or Non-Revealing: The Impact of Review Disclosure Policy on Firm Profitability,” MIS Quarterly, Forthcoming.
  • Yuxin Chen, Xinxin Li and Monic Sun, “Competitive Mobile Geo-Targeting,” Marketing Science, Forthcoming.
  • Harpreet Singh, David Kryscynski, Xinxin Li and Ram Gopal, “Pipes, Pools and Filters: How Collaboration Networks Affect Innovative Performance,” Strategic Management Journal, 37(8), 2016, pp.1649-1666.
  • Xinxin Li, Bin Gu and Hongju Liu, “Price Dispersion and Loss Leader Pricing: Evidence from the Online Book Industry,” Management Science, 59(6), 2013, pp.1290-1308.
  • Yuxin Chen and Xinxin Li, “Group Buying Commitment and Sellers’ Competitive Advantages,” Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 22(1), 2013, pp. 215-241.
  • Xinxin Li and Yuxin Chen, “Corporate IT Standardization: Product Compatibility, Exclusive Purchase Commitment and Competition Effects,” Information Systems Research, 23(4), 2012, pp. 1158-1174.
  • Xinxin Li, Lorin M. Hitt and Z. John Zhang, “Consumer Reviews and Competition in Markets for Repeat Purchase Products,” Journal of Management Information Systems, 27(4), 2011, pp. 9-42.
  • Xinxin Li and Lorin M. Hitt, “Price Effects in Online Product Reviews: an Analytical Model and Empirical Analysis,” MIS Quarterly, 34(4), 2010, pp. 809-831.
  • Xinxin Li and Lorin M. Hitt, “Self Selection and Information Role of Online Product Reviews,” Information Systems Research, 19(4), 2008, pp. 456-474.
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