Jose Cruz

Associate Professor


Education/Professional Certification

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
M.B.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
M.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
B.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Areas of Expertise

Supply Chain Management
Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability
Networks Economics
Systems Dynamics
Project Management
Business Analytics


Dr. Cruz  is an Associate Professor of Operations and Information Management and Academic Director for the School’s Graduate Program in Business Analytics and Project Management. .Dr. Cruz’s teaching interests are in Operations Management, Operations Research, Business Analytics, and Project Management. His research is multidisciplinary and combines his background and interests in management, engineering, computer systems, and applied mathematics. His general area is complex decision-making on network systems with a specific focus on global issues. He is especially interested in supply chain management, corporate social responsibility , sustainability , relationships and risk management. The methodological tools that he utilizes are: variational inequalities, dynamical systems, network theory, multicriteria decision-making, and optimization. Dr. Cruz has published his research in European Journal of Operational Research, Naval Research Logistics, Decision Support Systems, International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Production Economics, Environment & Planning B, Journal of Cleaner Production, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Computational Management Science, and Quantitative Finance. He has received  the School of Business  Ackerman Scholarship Award  ( two times),  Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award, Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, and Distinguished Service Award.

Dr. Cruz teaches two MBA and EMBA courses,  Managerial Statistics  and Operations Management;  MSBAPM courses,  Predictive Modeling, Data Mining, Project Risk and Cost Management, Advanced Project Management; and one undergraduate course, Introduction to Operations Management .

Featured Publications

  • Bhattacharjee, S., Cruz, J., Economic sustainability of closed loop supply chains: A holistic decision and policy analysis framework. Decision Support Systems 77, 67-86.
  • Cruz, J., 2013. Mitigating global supply chain risk through corporate social responsibility. International Journal of Production Research. 51(13), 3995–4010.
  • Cruz, J., 2013. Modeling the relationship of globalized supply chains and corporate social responsibility. Journal of Cleaner Production, 56, 73-85.
  • Diaby, M., Cruz, J., Nsakanda, A.L., 2013. Shortening cycle times in multi-product capacitated production environments through quality level improvements and setup reduction. European Journal of Operational Research, 228 (3), 526-535.
  • Liu, Z., Cruz, J., 2012. Supply chain networks with corporate financial risks and trade credits under economic uncertainty. International Journal of Production Economics 137(1), 55-67.
  • Liu, Z., Woolley, T., Cruz, J., 2012. Consumer environmental awareness and competition in two-stage supply chains. European Journal of Operational Research, 218 (3), 602-613.
  • Cruz, J., Liu, Z., 2012. Modeling and analysis of the effects of QoS and reliability on pricing, profitability, and risk management in multiperiod grid-computing networks. Decision Support Systems, 52(3), 562-576.
  • Cruz, J., Nunez, M., 2011. Batch-size based rearrangement of the shop floor into mini-lines. International Journal of Production Research 49 (17), 5099-5119.
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  • Wakolbinger, T., Cruz, J., 2011. Supply chain disruption risk management through strategic information acquisition and sharing and risk sharing contracts. International Journal of Production Research 49 (13), 4063-4084.
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  • Cruz, J.,  Matsypura, D., 2009. Supply chain networks with corporate social responsibility through integrated environmental decision-making. International Journal of Production Research 47 (3), 621– 648.
  • Cruz, J., Wakolbinger, T., 2008.  Multiperiod effects of corporate social responsibility on supply chain networks, transaction cost, emissions, and risk.  International Journal of Production Economics116(1), 61-74.
  • Cruz, J., 2008. Dynamics of supply chain networks with corporate social responsibility through integrated environmental decision-making. European Journal of Operational Research 184 (3), 1005-1031.
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  • Nagurney, A., Cruz, J., Dong, J., Zhang, D., 2005. Supply   chain networks, electronic commerce, and supply side and demand side risk. European Journal of Operational Research164, 120-142.
  • Nagurney, A., Cruz, J., 2004. Dynamics of international financial networks with risk management.  Quantitative Finance 4, 276-291.
  • Nagurney, A., Cruz, J., Matsypura, D., 2003. Dynamics of global supply chain supernetworks. Mathematical and Computer Modelling 37, 963-983.
  • Nagurney, A., Cruz, J., 2003. International financial networks with intermediation: Modeling, analysis, and computations. Computational Management Science 1, 31-58.
  • Nagurney, A., Ke, K., Cruz, J., Hancock, K., Southworth, F., 2002. Dynamics of supply chains: A multilevel (logistical/informational/financial) network perspective.  Environment & Planning B 29, 795-818.


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