Xue Bai

Associate Professor

Department of Operations and Information Management

Education/Professional Certification

Ph.D., Management Information Systems, 2007, Carnegie Mellon University
M.S., Data Mining and Machine Learning, 2005, Carnegie Mellon University
M.Phil., Management Science and Information Systems, 2002, Carnegie Mellon University
B.S., Management Information Systems, 2000, Tsinghua University

Areas of Expertise

Data mining and business analytics, Mathematical modeling, Online social networks and online platforms

Recent Journal Publications

P. Bhattacharya, T. Phan, X. Bai, E. M. Airoldi. A Co-Evolution Model of Network Structure and User Behavior: The Case of Content Generation in Online Social Networks. Information Systems Research. Forthcoming.

K. Zhao, B. Zhang, X. Bai. Estimating Contextual Motivating Factors in Virtual Inter-organizational Communities of Practice: Peer Effects and Organizational Influences. Information Systems Research. Forthcoming.

X. Bai, J. Marsden, W. Ross, G. Wang.  How e-WOM and Local Competition Drive Local Retailers’ Decisions about Daily Deal Offerings. Decision Support Systems.101(1) pages 82-94, 2017.

Q. Li, X. Guo, X. Bai. 2017. Weekdays or Weekends: Exploring the Relationships between Microblog Posting Patterns and Addiction. Information and Management. 54(5), pages 613-624, 2017.

Z. Li, X. Fang, X. Bai, O. Sheng. 2017. Utility-based Link Recommendation for Online Social Networks. Management Science. 63(6), pages 1938-1952, 2017.

H. J. Wang, J. Li, X., Bai. 2015. An Intelligent Approach to Data Extraction and Task Identification for Process Mining. Information Systems Frontier. 17(6) pages 1195-1208, 2015.

X. Bai, S. Bhattacharjee, F. Boylu, R. D. Gopal. 2015. Growth Projections and Assortment Planning of Commodity Products Across Multiple Stores: A Data Mining and Optimization Approach. INFORMS Journal on Computing. 27(4) pages 619-635, 2015.

X. Bai, J. Marsden, W. Ross, G. Wang. 2015. Relationships among Minimum Requirements, Facebook Likes, Quantity of Coupons Sold, and Total Revenue. ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems. 6(3) pages 9:1-28, 2015.

X. Bai, R. D. Gopal, M. Nunez, D. Zhdanov. 2014. A Decision Methodology for Managing Operational Efficiency and Information Disclosure Risk in Healthcare Processes. Decision Support Systems. 57(1) pages 406-416, 2014.

X. Bai, R. Krishnan, R. Padman, H. Wang. 2013. On Risk Management with Information Flows in Business Processes. Information Systems Research. 24(3) pages 731-744, 2013.

X. Bai. 2012. A Mathematical Framework for Data Quality Management in Enterprise Systems. INFORMS Journal on Computing. 24(4) pages 648-664, 2012.

X. Bai, R. D. Gopal, M. Nunez, D. Zhdanov. 2012. On The Prevention of Fraud and Privacy Exposure in Process Information Flow. INFORMS Journal on Computing. 24(3) pages 416-432, 2012.

X. Bai, M. Nunez, J. Kalagnanam. 2012. Managing Data Quality Risk in Accounting Information Systems. Information Systems Research. 23 (3) pages 453-473, 2012.

Contact Information
Phone+1 (860) 486-8061
Mailing AddressUnit 1041-41op
Office LocationBUSN 383
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