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Professional-Services Firms Forge Growth in Southwestern Connecticut

Stamford Advocate – The experts are in high demand.

Professional services comprised one of only two job sectors that grew its ranks in the state in August. Stamford, in particular, represents a hub for some of the industry’s top firms, who are attracted by the city’s growing economy and proximity to New York City. A number of those companies are increasing their local ranks and expanding into promising digital fields.

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As Executives Age, Future of CT Family-Owned Businesses Under Threat

Hartford Business Journal – Connecticut’s family owned businesses face an uncertain future in the years ahead due to a confluence of factors, a reality that could have stark consequences on the state’s economy, which has long depended on privately held, multigenerational companies.

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Indeed HR Execs: Employee Engagement is Key

Stamford Advocate/em> – Job-search firm Indeed employs some 5,300 people worldwide — and executives say they want to hear from every member of the contingent.

In a panel discussion Wednesday night at the University of Connecticut’s downtown campus, four of the Stamford-based company’s HR executives outlined their organization’s efforts to engage employees. They said they are making progress on a number of initiatives to allow workers to effectively give and receive feedback.

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Do Deep Promotional Discounts Work? New Study Sheds Light on Strategy

University of Arkansas – Many retailers employ discounts to attract customers, but it can be difficult for businesses to know what effect these discounts have on overall store performance, and few studies have analyzed store-level data to know for sure whether this strategy works.

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Reinsurance Firms Ride Out Wave of Storm Losses

Greewich Time – The reinsurers figure out how to cover their losses long before the storms hit.
Amid an exceptionally active Atlantic hurricane season, reinsurance firms in Stamford and elsewhere are tracking the tempests with concern, but not much surprise. Based on decades of experience, many reinsurers have built operations that can cumulatively pay out billions in claims from hurricanes like Harvey and Irma without jeopardizing their fiscal security.

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